Customer Service Policy.

We want to provide you with the best experience possible buying from our business. Flaroma's main concern is our customers' happiness, and we will be here every step of your purchase to make sure that you will always be happy with the outcome.

Is there any product tested on animals?

No. We only use cruelty-free attested raw material to make our candles.  

Where do you deliver to?  

All around the Australian Territory.

How does your shipping work?

After we receive your order, it normally takes around 3 to 5 business days for your order to be delivered.
The shipping costs are calculated accordingly with the weight of your order.

Refund, returning and exchange policies.

Do you remember when we mentioned that your happiness on doing business with us is our main concern? If by any reason you are not satisfied with what you got, get in touch with us and we will give your money back.

What type of wax do you use to make the candles?

All candles are made from Soy Wax.

Are your wicks free from leads?

Yes. The wicks we use are free from leads and any other harmful materials.

What happens If there is a missing, broken or wrong item in my package?

Contact us as soon as possible, we will fix the issue for you at any additional costs.