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A limited edition set with Lavender scent.


  • One Lavender melt made with soy wax (divided in 8 parts)
  • One box of Lavender tealight with Rose Quartz crystals
  • One positive message (chosen randomly and placed inside the tealight box) 
  • One Card with Rose Quartz meaning
  • A little bag where the crystals can be placed after the tealights finish
  • The gift box 

Detailed description of each product as well as safety instructions can be found with the each individual product link in the website. 

Rose Quartz: 

- attracts true love

- strengthen relationships

- overcomes heartbreak and betrayal, learning to trust again

- promotes forgiveness of self and others

- heal all chakras

- promote self-love

The crystals should not substitute any medical advice. They are not scientifically proved.

Box size: 23.5cm x 15.5cm x 8cm

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